Tuesday, November 1, 2022


 Too early to know details…


Next week is going to be fun! Beautiful cold pattern and 2-3 storms that could bring some snow close to sea level in western WA/OR


...trending towards a more favorable trajectory and a stronger polar lobe. 

Getting interesting!





  1. Yo, BBC, quit hoggin' all that rain. Send some of it down here. We got 3/8" early this week and went dancing in it. First we've had since May. Pretty brown and downright dusty. Send a little down here and my sinuses will praise the mere mention of your name.
    Seriously, while we do need rain, I hope your Fall and transition to Winter are Slow, Temperate and Beautiful.

    1. Awww...poor Y'all! Heh! No, seriously, I feel compassion for you, Juvat...I really do. I have a crabby attitude in dry, hot weather. (See past posts...) I like moisture in the air and cooler temps. Fall & Spring are my favorite seasons. Maybe this system will mosey on down your way.