Saturday, July 30, 2022


 If you find the low (cold) temperature that occurred an average of 20 days per year during 1951-2000, fit a trend to the 1950-2021 time series of days per year with that temp, and see where the trend is today, you get this map - a modern count of the historically 20 coldest days.



Thursday, July 28, 2022


A map of the difference in extreme temperatures (record high vs record low Fahrenheit) in the United States



Wednesday, July 27, 2022

 It's too hot to blog.

...find a place in the shade.

 I'll be back



Sunday, July 24, 2022


Today and tomorrow are the climatological peak dates for summer in the Contiguous U.S. (Lower 48) using 1991-2020 data. This is an average value though. Some places it's earlier, and some it's later (looking at you Texas and Florida).



Thursday, July 21, 2022



1902 – Willis Carrier creates the first air conditioner in Buffalo, New York




Sunday, July 17, 2022

 My friend, Mostly Cajun posted such a great video today, and I can't help myself...I'm pickin' it!

Here Comes The Sun