Tuesday, January 11, 2022






  1. BBC,
    Stay warm and safe. Never been a big fan of driving in snow. Hence Texas. But that looks like an AWFUL lot of snow.

    1. This really is a lot of snow, juvat. We've set some records, too. The melt is coming, and over on the Western side of the Cascades (the "Dark Side") it'll mean flooding in the Snoqualmie area. Watch for more scenes of salmon swimming across the streets! LOLOLOL!!!!!!! We've warmed up to the upper 20's and low 30's here in North Central WA now, so it's not so bad anymore. The days are getting noticeably longer, so I take heart...Spring is coming!

      But then again, as Ma Ingalls said over 100 years ago... "When the days begin to lengthen, the cold begins to strengthen". So, I'll try to settle down for a calm wait.