Monday, October 25, 2021


Well, I have to put something up...

...but I'm tired  and kinda burned out.

I have so many folders of

cute, pretty, lovely, 

and great files... 

But I've become 

world weary

and I can't seem to shake it.


I'm going to take 

the easy way out:

 It is to laugh!




  1. Sorry everybody...I don't know why so many of these didn't come through. They looked just fine when I put them up, and just fine in the preview. AARRGGHH!!!

  2. BBC, Everything looked great to me.

    Hilarious, thanks for the snickers, chuckles, guffaws and rolling on the floors. Needed and appreciated.

    1. I'd not looked at it again since this morning when I saw a lot of missing posts. I left feeling so mad about it! Got home and read your comment...looked at the post this much later, and...HEY! They;re all here now!
      Huh? Can't know, but I'm smiling. Glad you enjoyed it all, Juvat!