Friday, October 16, 2020

Well, I either have to get back here...
...or come to a stop.
I feel so many different things 
about my blog these days.
I slid off my fun track when the Covid-19 virus came
onto the scene and I haven't recovered yet...
Not from the virus, because I never got it, but from the political effect  it has had on everyone I know.

Blogging was funner for me when 
I was putting up beautiful, 
cute animals, having fun with relationships, stacking funny jokes, looking at the nostalgic  past...etc., etc.

...that was me.

Now when I look at the memes 

I have waiting to be posted, all I see is

 Covid, Covid, Covid; Masks, Masks, Masks, Cases, Cases, Cases...

I'm burnt out.





  1. Well...First Off. I'm VERY glad you're ok, your first meme from your last post could have been taken different ways.

    Second, today's "afraid of dying" is exactly what I've been thinking for quite some time. Just couldn't say it that succintly. So...well done (or well found ;-) )

    Third, Loved the little girl, the dog and the hose! Thanks.

    Hang it there, you're not alone.

    1. I love ya, Juvat!
      Wonder if anyone cares about this blog lots of times. It's so easy to get tired of doing it.
      Thanks so much for the had more of an effect than I expected.

  2. I ***LOVE*** your come up with some of the best stuff! I've only found you in the last couple of months, and really enjoy what you post. Today's post of the puppy doing the treadmill with one paw, and the "Fine, I won't give up but I will cuss the whole time" are so perfect for the way I so often feel lately. So please continue, and cuss as needed!

    1. Golly! Another "Atta Girl!" You're so nice, Chipmunk!

      Like you, I love the wonderful critters, and I miss posting them. I'm such a compulsive 'Picker,' that I've found myself with folders chock full of the finest pickin's that deserve to be seen again and again.

      I started this blog 3½ years ago for a fun outlet. I've had a growing resentment for that drat Covid-19 virus for imposing itself into my blogging themes, and I finally blew a fuse and just stopped everything. Didn't know anyone would care if I quit or not.

      Thank you, Chipmunk! Thank you, Juvat!

  3. You gotta keep on blogging, Please! I need the laughs you so kindly provide.

    1. Aw, you're making me smile outloud!
      Feels so good to know there's someone out there who enjoys what you're giving.

  4. I see that I've lost several friends off my blogroll. You would've been truly missed. I sort of depend on you.

    1. Cajun, I'm not gone yet!
      Funny how some hugs, pets and encouragement can chirk a person up!
      If I had a blogroll, you'd be at the top of it!!!

  5. Thank you for running this blog. It brightens my day. May God bless you and your family and friends. -- AirChairExpert1332