Thursday, November 29, 2018

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Monday, November 26, 2018

 ...from Washington!

Percentage of immigrants in the Canada labor market

Map of Canada, ca. 1900

 Bird’s eye view of Sherbrooke, Quebec, 1881

Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland, from Butler’s Elementary Geography published 1888

Average Forest Age in Canada and the contiguous United States

Roads from all over the United States to New York City

The Us And Its Strange Geography

Area codes in the US



Most Common Language By State

Most-used word in each state

Boeing draws a 787 Dreamliner with a 787 Dreamliner

 Map of Native American Tribes

Original 13 colonies with western reserves

Detailed relief-shaded map of the contiguous U.S.

US Elevation Tint Map

North America and environs in the year 1898

USA - Predominant Ancestry of Population

The word for Italy in various European languages

Languages and dialects of Italy

Map Of The Most Dangerous Countries for Tourists

Most commonly grown cereal by region in Europe

Global Grain Consumption Map

Map of first higher education degrees of European country leaders

Map of the Anglo-Saxon Conquest of Britain and the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

Mapping the Population of the British Isles


 Anglo-Saxon Migration, 5th Century


Year of foundation of every capital city in Europe

Most spoken endangered languages in Europe by country

Geopolitics in 1941

Mountains Between Germany & Italy

US Military Bases in World

European Regions

Gender in European languages

The word for 'word' in European languages

Thank You  in European languages

Europe at the Death of Charlemagne c. 814
Europe during the Thirteen Years’ War in 1600

Europe 1765

Central Europe 1810 - Europe under Napoleon

Countries by Level of Religious Diversity