Friday, March 9, 2018

One of my very best favorite blogs belongs to

Chicken Mom 

  over at  Chicken Feathers .


She has just inspired me to dig into my archives to pull up some of the best text jokes I've collected over the years.  Some of these harken back to the Win95 days.  Jokes like these used to fly around in everyone's email in those days.  No one seems to do that sort of thing anymore since the "Smart" devices and Social Media took everyone over.  


I had forgotten I had such a big collection until I saved the joke she posted last Wednesday - and got me all inspired.  That one will be the first one I'll use today.  It made me remember what I have. 


Nobody seems to share funny, clean, and sometimes a wee bit naughty jokes like these now-a-days...but Chicken Mom does!  


I will, too.


Bear in mind, these old jokes were making the rounds before it was dangerous not to be pc, so don't get too mad at me if some of them upset ya.


So now, in remembrance to those 1990's emailing days, I dedicate today's postings to  my friend & Cuz - Chicken Mom.


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