Monday, March 19, 2018

My Blog is now Two Years Old!


I have been considering some changes to this blog of late.

I have come to a place where I must either stop doing this altogether or gack things back to a reasonable exercise.


Life gets more complex as one moves along, and adjustments must be made to activities from time to time in order to accommodate those changes.

Therefore, I have decided that instead of posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 12 hours, I will post on a hit or miss basis, and keep things to fewer posting hours.

"G'mornin' " and Coffee time will still start things off, but I am going to keep the number of days and hours down so I can have more time to pay attention to other things in my life...kinda like the more sane bloggers do.


Tomorrow will be the first day of Spring!  

And so, from Spring... Spring 


...and on to another Spring


 I will begin fresh with some changes...


Much thanks to Doug Savage @

Love your blog!