Friday, February 16, 2018

I just don't have the

heart for it today...


  1. Yes we all are...

    Hope you will be well soon. Sad as you can be, then put it aside and do not let it destroy too many precious moments of YOUR life.

    Cap'n Jan

    1. (((HUGs))) to you too, and thank you, Cap'n Jan.
      I hope today's postings will help.

    2. I always land here before starting my work day. Makes the day so much nicer... Glad you are back, by the way.

      There is always some good news out there, getting better all the time, but it cannot overcome the horror of lives cut short. We must, if we are to survive, move on and try our best to relieve suffering in our midst. Even if it is just our own.


      Cap'n Jan