Monday, February 19, 2018


  1. I kept that last one... There really are good people, absolutely good. I was reminded of my Dad who picked up a wallet in the street - and there was cash inside, not a huge amount.. But Mom and Dad had just moved into their first little duplex house, and money was very tight (we ate a lot of spam, canned salmon... which were the big bargains back in the day). Dad could have used that money to get a little bit ahead, and it was Christmas. But as a Christian, he took me and we went to the apartment listed on the license and a man came to the door - two kids behind him, the apartment was pretty empty and not in a good place.. There was a Christmas tree. Not decorated. No presents under it....

    The man told Dad that he couldn't believe it. The money was to get his kids a few presents and some decorations so that they could have a Christmas.

    Dad could have used the money, but he cemented in me the need to 'do the right thing' whenever you can. I hope I am still worthy of that wonderful Dad of mine...

    Thanks, and I am glad to see you finding some smiles for all of us!

    Cap'n Jan
    Back to mostly lurk mode.

    1. Such a heart-lifting story, Cap'n Jan. I've just heard of a lost and returned wallet story on the radio today, so we can know there are spiritually prompted people in our society.