Monday, May 1, 2017

Keeping a couple bags of cat litter in your trunk during the winter can be really beneficial. If you ever find yourself stuck in snow or on some ice, the litter will help your tires gain some traction and hopefully get you out.

Edit Note:


I saw at your blog about cat litter for traction in snow/ice. The picture shows "clumping" type litter. The litter most useful is the plain clay type. The "clumping" kind will set up like a bag of cement if it gets damp, and may do so over time anyway when left in the trunk. A bag of coarse builder's sand will provide the same or better traction, especially in wet conditions. It is inert, and will sit in the trunk forever without problems - unless someone pokes a hole in the bag, of course. So, whether you use cat litter or sand, double or triple bag it and set it in a deep corner of the trunk where it won't be in the way or subject to things poking into it. I know about this because I started with cat litter years ago in the desert - for getting out of muddy places - and switched to coarse sand after finding my kitty litter far less than effective there. I have also used the loose carpet pieces on the car floor to provide traction in deep, loose sand. So far, have never been stuck in the snow or on ice here... I tend to stay home on days like that.   LOL Love, Susan   


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