Friday, October 14, 2016

H/T PhilBillCliff

Propeller? We don't need no stinkin' propeller...

"An  acquaintance of mine was flying a "home built" from the Washington Coast to Wenachee.  Just West of the Mt.s,  and over heavy forest and above the cloud cover, when the "prop" came off. (his wife was with him, and not a  flyer).  Having studied the maps of the area he knew there was a landing strip somewhere below.

  He dropped down thru a hole in  the clouds and as luck would have it he spotted the strip, kept the speed "hot" to make sure he could make it, and had to turn the plane side ways at the end of the runway with a little damage and no injury. 

His wife never flew again. Later they lost their son in an A/C crash, which is another story.  This pilot was a retired  F-15 Pilot."