Sunday, September 11, 2016

 Rare Photographs from 1966-67 Showing the World Trade Center Area Before the Construction Started
The World Trade Center site as it appeared in the mid 1960s. Known as "Radio Row" the low rise buildings dating to the 1850s were, by 1960, a disheveled lot of derelict and low rent repair and radio shops. The two higher buildings at 30 and 50 Church St. were the Hudson Terminal Buildings that stood above the PATH/subway tracks. And they stood squarely in the sights of Robert Moses and the Port Authority.

The World Trade Center began its life as a series of proposals for a major downtown development in the 1950s. By the mid 1960s, a site was in place, designs were chosen and clearance and construction began around 1967. The twin towers were finally completed in 1973 and the entire WTC development was finished in 1978 with the Vista International Hotel.

Below are some of rare photographs from 1966-67 that show the World Trade Center Area before the construction started.

West Street, West Side Highway and abandoned 19th century warehouses at World Trade Center site before construction started on the WTC, 1966

Washington St and Chambers St toward Hudson and West Side Highway. Not far from the future World Trade Center, 1967

West St. at Jay and Caroline vacated prior to demolition, 1967

West St. between Duane and Reade, 1967

West Street between Jay St and Duane Street. Right by the new World Trade Center, 1967

West St. and Warren, 1967

West St. and Chambers, 1967

Washington Market, demolished in 1967 to make way for the WTC

Outline of where the World Trade Center Area was to be placed

World Trade Center site in 1966. New York Telephone building and the West Side Highway surround it

October 17, 1967